Air conditioning knowledge

Air conditioning use four taboos

Air conditioning, an appliance in our daily contact with increasing frequency, used to tell you a lot about the purchase, installation, saving energy-saving tips, and today, is edited to bring air conditioning in day-to-day opened four used in taboo, installed air conditioning and friends must know that you frequently use.
, avoid close all Windows and doors. Can no longer rely on air temperature, continuous ventilation Windows, maintain good ventilation to avoid the lack of fresh air.
Second, the taboo does not install ventilation equipment. When you install air conditioning installed a negative oxygen ion generator and a breathing machine, conveys plenty of filtered fresh air for air conditioning in the room. Due to the development of air conditioning products, many products are available in air use this function, so consumers can consider when purchasing.
c, avoid excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. Summer not too low indoor temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature 5 ℃ ~ ℃ is appropriate, reduce the occurrence of air-sickness.
four, avoid equipment is not clean. On air conditioning and dehumidification devices must be checked and cleaned regularly, especially to clean filter on time so that it can really play a filter dust, bacteria and harmful gases, and improving the effect of air conditioning refrigeration and heating.

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