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Frequency conversion air conditioner selection guide

Summer is coming up, many of my friends to buy the air conditioning has to spend the summer. Inverter air conditioner in the past one or two years interest in new products. But many people know little about inverter air conditioner, do not know how to choose. Then, let the experts tell you how to buy it! Number of horses
1, air conditioning (cooling capacity)
when purchasing air conditioning will say: "to buy a large piece of? "Commonly known as the number of horses, the original air conditioning output power. Different brands and models the cooling capacity of the output is different, have different output power. Buy horse cooling capacity.
generally speaking, 1 cooling capacity of roughly 2000 calories converted to international units should be multiplied by 1.162, 1 cooling capacity is 2000 calories of x1.162=2324 (w) where w (w) cooling capacity, x1.5x1.162=3486 of 1.5 should be 2000 kcal (w), and so on. In General, the 2200W-2600W can be referred to 1 and 4500W-5100W is 2, 3200W-3600W, called the 1.5.
beauty KFR-35GW/BP3DN1Y-C (variable-frequency air conditioning)
2, room size and matching
air conditioning there is a formula to calculate room size x cooling capacity/heating capacity per unit area = the total cooling capacity of air conditioning/heating. Under normal circumstances, the State provides cooling capacity per unit area between 200W-300W and heat capacity per unit area is approximately 250W-350W. Therefore, a 15-20-square-meter room, optional air conditioning of horses in 3000-6000 is probably between 1.5 and 2.
need note of is, other factors also will effect to horse number of select: a,, and housing of layer high, General for 2.8 meters or 3 meters, layer high more high, space more big, select digital more big; b, and floors of level, floors more low, select of numerical more low; c, and has no poor sealage, has poor sealage, is numerical on will slightly big some; d, and room sealed degree how, sealed sex good, numerical low; e, and Windows size, Windows more big, select numerical more big.
3, energy saving tips
A, air conditioning in the rooms, but also pay attention to ventilation. A 5 minute window ventilation, than any ventilation air conditioning, brought about by the healthy air conditioner room air health was much faster.  
B, room temperature in the selection process, whether it is cooling or heating, at 26 degrees Celsius is a good choice, because the temperature is energy-saving temperature, is conducive to the operation of the air conditioning compressor; a healthy temperature, body temperature maintained at around 10 degrees Celsius, is conducive to human acceptance to avoid air-sickness. 4, frequency conversion air conditioner how to save electricity?
frequency conversion air conditioner power focuses on the start of energy saving and energy saving aspects of the runtime.
normal speed when the air conditioner starts energy consumption is large, fixed speed air current is 5-7 times the operating current at startup, and will start again; frequency conversion air-conditioner starting with "soft start" function, slowly rising currents from 0, up completely before entering the high frequency operation, such as when current reaches its maximum (6A).
in the long run, variable-frequency air conditioning running after a few minutes immediately after the set temperature is reached into the low speed operation, put the remote control into the seal, and soon reaches the set temperature, ammeter from 6A to 1.5A at this time, fully demonstrates that energy-saving inverter air conditioner; assuming constant speed air conditioning for an hour, 20-minute downtime insulation, 40 minutes, power consumption is relatively large.
5, the provincial power companies can save money?
frequency conversion air conditioner power is beyond doubt. Hisense air conditioners comparison provided by rough calculation, if you use 8 hours a day, frequency conversion air conditioner constant speed air conditioning power about 3.24 degrees. 1 calculated according to 150 days use of variable frequency air conditioning, power =486 3.24x150 days. Guangzhou 0.61 Yuan/degree residential electricity, save money 0.61x486=296.5 Yuan.
However, the variable frequency energy efficiency ratio of air-conditioning market prices higher. Energy efficiency ratio higher than 1 HP constant speed 1 inverter air conditioner air conditioning ceiling difference even at 1500, there is a belief that, if only one or two of the hottest month of the year of the family will be open air, also used a few hours a day, don't save much money a year. Looking back, probably until 8-10 retirement life haven't earned back part of the post, no need to choose energy-efficient air conditioning. For long-term use,
, variable-frequency air conditioning more affordable. But on the society as a "energy saving", more energy saving inverter air conditioner is the trend, Japan has universal inverter air conditioner, domestic air conditioning also move closer to the frequency converter. Once the price problem break, inverter air conditioner will have a broad space for development.

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