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I wonder how many air conditioning usage

In recent years, in the face of increased air conditioning, some manufacturers also played the air and negative ions, dust networks, Photocatalyst, herbs and many other tricks of the new health ... Healthy air conditioning refers to many new air filters in air conditioning installation and handling devices, in order to improve the traditional split air conditioning term closure operation caused by indoor air pollution.
about the "health" inadvertent consumption of air conditioning, its healthy function of no more than three, that enhanced the ventilation function, anionic Catalysis technology. But some manufacturers produced "dust removal air conditioning", just more a pipe, used to send some fresh air. Sterilization, not to mention there were no sterilization appliance testing standards. Place a catalyst can even air conditioning adsorption and decomposition of harmful gases, but in use are likely to be closed. Some manufacturers claim in brochures or advertising "sterilization" and "bacteria in the air of extinction", "clean sweep leaves Pakistan bacteria" level. In fact, according to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of health and epidemic prevention station in accordance with the relevant national standards for air conditioning products for sampling results showed that these products do have different levels of airborne bacteria killing effect, but failed to meet the disinfection standard for. So, for air conditioning limited health capabilities, in particular, we should pay attention to the correct use of it.
use air conditioning in health but also to open interval as well, there an hour or two or three or four hours before opening the window. Let in some fresh air, indoor clean air exhaust, obtained from natural air negative ions, ozone, and the breath of fresh air.
negative ion air conditioning can improve the indoor concentration of negative ions in a certain extent, improve the micro-environment. Should be installed on the upwind side of the regular activities, and not too far away. The concentration at the distance of 5 meters, per cubic centimeter is difficult to more than 10,000. Air filter reduces air anion concentration negative ion generators must be installed after the filter.

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