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Air cleaning steps and methods are

Maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner air conditioning maintenance is key to improve refrigerating effect, conducive to shorten cooling time, favorable energy conducive to prolong the service life of air conditioner is a reasonable use of air conditioning, important part of strengthening standardized management. Air conditioner users before the air conditioner maintenance and cleaning attention should now strengthen the work in this field, promote the development of air conditioning.
before starting the maintenance
home air conditioners use to shut down September usually disabled to boot only from May to June the following year, deactivate more than six months. So the air conditioner before starting be sure to do a complete "diagnosis", check the air conditioning whether there are "problems", according to the survey, under the guidance of professional and technical personnel, maintenance cleaning, maintenance cleaning is in place, shell, of the outdoor unit and the indoor unit body, filter, and start trial operation, observation refrigeration speed and effectiveness.
air conditioning in boot after the boot process depending on the environmental conditions, weather conditions, power on hours, surrounded by dust, clean air, clean room, and many other factors determine the frequency of maintenance of the air conditioning during the power up sequence. Poor environmental conditions, the weather is hot, old air conditioning machines, air conditioning power on hours-long, maintenance of the air conditioning during the power up sequence number increase, usually about 1.5 months maintenance. If environmental conditions, air conditioners is relatively new, less dust in the air, air conditioning, power on reasonable, alternating with electric fans, may be appropriately extended maintenance cycles, from air conditioning power to shut down air conditioning maintenance 1-2. Maintenance should be seriously and carefully, leaving no dead ends. Compliance, improve speed, performance, energy-saving, clean and comfortable.
after the close of warm weather, opening of air conditioner, cooler weather, air conditioner off, this is the perennial rule. Note the air conditioner off before the outdoor units, indoor units for a complete detailed inspection. Maintenance, cleaning to be linked together not out of leaky segments should be fastened, rigorous inspection, after completing the above loop, good air conditioner cover to prevent dust pollution, prevent water dripping from air conditioners and water, keep clean and ready to use again next year, so clean, energy-saving, prolonging service life of air conditioning equipment. Brands of high quality touch screen POS, Cabinet confidential protection, full energy-saving effect.
cleaning method
air conditioning machine of cleaning should including three a part, first air conditioning body shell and bare part, easy by pollution of parts; second filter network cleaning, is core most important parts; third condensation device and evaporator part, compared rare, and maintenance combined in a, equivalent to small system of cleaning, belongs to compared big "surgery", often appeared in old air conditioning machine or "specials machine", and "inferior machine", this a air conditioning machine quite most no cleaning and maintenance value, not detailing.
on air conditioning cleaning simple shell and the corresponding parts of the body, as long as water with a pinch of powdered SOAP and detergent, or specialized air conditioner cleaning liquid can clean air conditioning machine parts, in line with the cleaning operation requirements. As household air conditioning cleaning of key parts is filter network of cleaning, first put air conditioning indoor machine cover open, out filter network, with clean filter network brush brush a brush, put attached in filter online of most dirty real brush clean, then soaking in contains effects air conditioning machine cleaning liquid or homemade cleaning liquid or wash clean fine and soap powder of mixed liquid in the, soaking time 10-20 minutes, depending on filter network dirty degrees and set, soaking finished with bottle brush gently brush filter network, let each filter hole clear transparent, no dirty blocking traces, again after special wipe net cloth wipe dry, Check in good condition, after you install the filters into the body, as is functioning correctly. If the normal signing acceptance, cleaning is finished. Home air conditioning cleaning and improved cooling efficiency; improved cooling performance, enabling extended life of household air conditioner equipment and is conducive to enhancing energy-saving effect, enabling users to health than "healthy air conditioner" healthier and more desirable.
air conditioning cleaning agent using method
Geke air conditioning cleaning agent using method:
1, and disconnect power, open cover Board;
2, and remove filter network, show evaporator tablets;
3, and pulled out air conditioning cleaning agent within insurance cover;
4, and upper and lower shocks shake uniform;
5, and will air conditioning cleaning agent uniform Jet to evaporator Shang, waiting for 5 minutes, opened air conditioning 5 minutes (refrigeration), cleaning work completed
Note matters:
Air conditioning cleansing agent is limited to air conditioning clean, do not on humans, fire blast, such as accidentally splash, rinse with water.
recommended cleaning once every six months, (with 2P as an example) 250ml can be cleaned inside and outside time. Washing
years/> years of practice has proved that the air conditioning industry, air conditioner 2-3 best each year. Often air conditioning before starting the cleaning, air power Middle clean, air conditioning shut down clean, that makes more sense. Sometimes the air conditioning shut down, after a big cleaning maintenance, cleaning and other processes, air cover on the machine, wait until next year to open clean, filter is clean, before turning on the air conditioning in a clear exemption is cleaned twice a year, the effect is very good, save labor and costs, reduced operating costs, does not affect the cooling performance.

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