Air conditioning knowledge

The scientific use of air conditioning

1, stopping the air conditioning a break--the wrong
recently, the reporter found that some people in order to alleviate fatigue, or Park, and others, are parked on the side of the road, close all Windows and doors, turn on the air conditioning, "enjoy" cool bring comfort. What is more, some people just lying on the seat open air conditioning great night's sleep. But you know what? This is very dangerous. Auto repair expert Li Jinmin said that car's engine while you work, if incomplete combustion of gas in the cylinder, it will produce high levels of carbon monoxide.
cars in motion, because convection of air through the air conditioning, so very low concentrations of carbon monoxide inside the car. But when the car stopped and air conditioning to stay open when the car doors and Windows sealed, air cannot flow inside the car, engines emit carbon monoxide leak into the vehicle, it will gradually accumulate and concentration, thus poisoning or even death.
owner says when I turn on the air conditioner, open the window and air can get, right? The answer is no, if you park your car in the garage, open air conditioning napping, even with the Windows open is potentially dangerous because the garage is actually a place for seals, are likely to lead to carbon monoxide poisoning carbon monoxide concentration is too high.
Tip: owners often check the bonnet and chassis is the best leak, when found inside the vehicle when there is a gas leak, not turn on the air conditioning, let alone sleeping with the air conditioning in the car, to avoid danger.
2, open air smoke in the car--or wrong
some people are stopping to rest or wait in the car when turn on the air conditioning, lights a cigarette, seemed to be refreshing. But doing so is harmful to your health, the reason is very simple, because the doors and Windows are closed, so the smoke exhaust is not out, and naturally stimulate your eyes and respiratory system. But if you make a "habit" not smoking at this time, you will be very uncomfortable, well, give you a little advice, to adjust air conditioning and ventilation control to "out" position, at this time, inside smooth row out of the smoke.
Tip: stopping the air conditioning would have been harmful, you smoke, it's doubly wrong, might as well quit. If you can't help but want to smoke, remember to adjust the air conditioning and ventilation control to "out" position.
, optional air conditioning temperatures--wrong some people in order to cool, the temperature was very low, seems to feel good. But doing so, easily adjustable however the body's endocrine system, prone to disease, such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, colds, etc. When the room temperature is too low, below 20 deg c, it will trigger a variety of discomfort, such as cold lower limb aches, malaise, headache, sore throat, abdominal pain, aching limbs, neuralgia, seriously, skew mouth eyes and other symptoms also occur. If there are elderly or children, you should set the temperature at 27 c better.
Tip: under normal circumstances, its interior temperature to ambient temperature difference of 5 ℃-6 ℃, so the best owners when adjusting the temperature control of outdoor temperature.
4 total drive in a lower gear--the wrong air conditioning in the car, drive a people to the largest block, do contributions oil and fan noise is too loud and annoying. Of course, this idea did not wrong, but if your at maximum on this block, also got sick. Don't worry, here's the deal, when the air conditioning is in use, will suck in a lot of dust to form dirt, for a long time, mildew, and then through the air conditioning to the car, in the car is easy to breathe, it's not sick? Therefore, should be kept at maximum air conditioning block, by a strong wind, fouling blown out of the air conditioner.
Tip: every once in a while, the air conditioner to the maximum block, blown for half an hour, can effectively prevent the accumulation of dust.
5, entered the compartment air conditioning--wrong
hot weather outside, inside more heat, sitting in the car, a heat wave hit, hot, unbearable, your first reaction may be to open the air conditioning, look forward to cool breezes to disperse the heat--you are wrong again. This cooling effect is bad, but it will also increase the pressure in the initial operation of the engine. So hot is hot, you still have to bear with me, when first put all the Windows open, start air conditioning system, exhaust heat, after a drop in temperature in the compartment, and then closes the window, opens the air conditioning at this time and is adjusted to the temperature.
Note: the car is hot, got on the first action should be to open the window, start air conditioning circulation and expel heat.
6, open inner loop--a drive fault
owners are aware, air conditioning has a "cycle" button, press this button is intended for internal circulation of air inside the compartment, when the doors and Windows closed all air conditioning and refrigeration efficiency "assimilation", you can save energy. This seems fair enough, but there is a drawback, a long time, inside the train becomes increasingly opaque, even feel the hypoxia. How should we do? Within the system can be opened but not used for a long time, when the air conditioning just opened, it is best to use extracorporeal circulation, temperature lower, then switched to cycling, and then switch inside and outside every once in a while loop. Especially when parking the best switches to the "outer loop" function.
Tip: remember to switch every once in a while, the outer loop, open air conditioning after the matter.
, low speed also with air conditioning--wrong some people cool, both at low speeds, was driving at high speed train open air conditioning anyway, do it wrong again. When traveling at slower speeds if you also use air conditioning, caught in a traffic jam in the driving, the engine will artificially high speed, doing so will reduce the service life of the engine and the air conditioning compressor. So, it is best not to use air conditioning when driving at low speed.
Tip: when traffic is encountered, the car slows down naturally, remember to turn off air conditioning.
, inlet near the mouth of stacked items--wrong some people tend to get very messy car, such as in the vicinity of the air inlet stacked with all kinds of things, seemingly random actions, is very bad, this will plug air intake, air conditioning system air flow is blocked. Some people will complain that the open air conditioning not cool, see if inlet is plugged.
Tips: clean and neat little car, with particular attention to items moved near the mouth of the inlet, ensure normal air circulation.
winds, air conditioning free to blow--the wrong some people don't pay much attention, turn on air conditioning, and let the wind feel free to blow air conditioning and even blows windshields that mode is selected, it is not because the windshield temperature will offset most of the cooling effect. So it's best to select upwards, in line with the rule of cold air goes down, wind shift best blows blocked, adjust the air outlet up works best.
Tip: don't bother, open air conditioning choices wind up blowing, cooling effect.
10, remove from heat and turn off the air conditioning--the wrong
open air conditioning, hummed along feel comfortable at your destination, put out the fire, to remember off the air conditioning, it is the habit of many owners. But the consequences will cause mold caused by moisture in the air conditioning of large, but when you start car the next day, will pressure with air conditioning start ignition, so the high loads can cause damage to engine.
the right way is that the open air conditioning on the road, you are parked in front of a couple of minutes, if you want to turn off air conditioning air conditioner, later opened the natural wind. Because, before stopping the recovery in air conditioning ducts temperature, eliminates temperature differences with the outside world, so you can maintain relatively dry air conditioning system, also to avoid the propagation of mold.
Tip: open the air conditioning, it is going to arrive at their destination, are trying to shut down the air conditioning.

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