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Daikin air conditioning maintenance accurate fluoridation methods

And accurate prerequisites for fluoridation
1. maintenance of the air conditioning standard must conform to the conditions of its use and installation.
2. maintenance of air-conditioning control systems and actuators must be normal; pipe system must effectively remove air leak point, moisture, blocking, and so on; filters, internal and external heat exchangers should be clean and well ventilated.
3. maintenance tools and materials must be qualified.
4. strictly according to the fluoridation process.
Second, the accurate basis for fluoridation and
1. quantitative fluoridation: Tee valve technology connect three-way valves, pressure gauges, hose fluoridation, fluoride bottle or a vacuum pump. F after vacuuming, begin to slowly add fluoride. Weighing with the Platform scale is a precise measurement tool, when the reduction of the fluoride fluoride in bottle is equal to the air standards of the plate when fluoride intake, closure of cylinder valve.
2. measuring current: set the air conditioner in cooling or heating high wind conditions (variable-frequency air conditioning set at commissioning) operate, low pressure valve technology, observe the clip-on ammeter-while-fluoridation, when close to the rated current of air conditioning nameplate calibration value, the closure of cylinder valve. At this point, the air conditioning running for some time, when under refrigeration at room temperature closer to 27 ℃ or close to 20 ℃ at room temperature under heating condition, then consider an outdoor air temperature, high and low voltage and other factors that influence the operating current and fine tune the fluoridation so that it reaches the rated current value, accurately add fluoride. To for fine-tuning of reasons is because air conditioning nameplate calibration of rated work current value is air conditioning manufacturers in following workers condition conditions test of data: refrigeration State, power voltage 220V or 380V Shi fan high-speed wind, indoor air temperature 27 ℃, outdoor machine air temperature 35 ℃; business hot state, power voltage 220V or 380V Shi fan high-speed wind, indoor air temperature 20 ℃, outdoor machine air temperature 7 ℃.
practice summary of fine-tuning data is: refrigeration State Xia, to outdoor machine air temperature 35 ℃ for standard, outdoor temperature each increased or reduced 1 ℃, increased or reduced rated work current value of 1.4%; business hot state Xia, to outdoor machine air temperature 7 ℃ for standard, outdoor temperature each increased or reduced 1 ℃, increased or reduced rated work current value of 1%; refrigeration or business hot state Xia, to rated power voltage 220V or 380V for standard, power voltage each increased or reduced 1V, Reduce or increase the operating current value: single phase 0.025A,1.5 horse 0.025Ax1.5,2 horse 0.025Ax2,3 horse 0.025Ax3 1; three-phase 3-horse 0.025Ax3/3,5 horse 0.025Ax5/3,10 horse 0.025Ax10/3.
3. measuring pressure method: will air conditioning placed refrigeration high-speed wind State (winter, business hot need added fluoride Shi, will air conditioning set Yu forced refrigeration State or will at room temperature sensor placed 27 ℃ around of warm water in the, simulation summer temperature let air conditioning in refrigeration State) Xia running, in low voltage as valve process mouth, side added fluoride side observation vacuum pressure table of low voltage pressure, dang low voltage in 0.49MPa (summer) or 0.25MPa (winter), close fluoride bottle valve. Consider an outdoor air temperature, in-room cooling load size and other factors influencing low pressure, fine tune the amount of freon and gauge pressure, accurately add fluoride. Fine because of the low pressure and indoor cooling load is proportional to the cooling load, the greater, the higher the pressure, whereas lower fluoridation process near the estuary and piping, installed outdoors, the pressure and the evaporation temperature is greatly influenced by the outside temperature, indoor heat exchanger pressure and evaporation temperatures high in the summer, lower in winter. Practice in the fan high speed wind, under the indoor temperature is 27 degrees, low pressure data as shown in the schedule.
4. observation method: will air conditioning set in refrigeration or business hot high-speed wind State Xia running, added fluoride volume accurate Shi indoor hot Exchange device into, and out outlet at 10cm of temperature is: refrigeration Shi is greater than 12 ℃, business hot Shi is greater than 16 ℃; refrigeration Shi, indoor hot Exchange device all knot dew, and evaporation sound uniform low, and outdoor as valve at knot dew, and summer condensation drop continuous, and indoor hot Exchange device and capillary of connection at no cream has dew,; business hot Shi, indoor hot Exchange device wall temperature is greater than 40 ℃.
in the actual repair, inverter air conditioner due to rather high standards for accuracy of fluoridation, or fixed air conditioning cooling pipe system vacuum requirements, quantitative fluoridation methods should be used. If the pipeline system when you need to add fluoride, should be used to measure current, gauge pressure measurement as a supplement, taking into account the observation method.

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