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Daily buy air conditioning knowledge

Summer summer summer air conditioning has become the public's preferred appliance. When you face an array in electronics stores, a wide variety of air conditioners, you know how to choose the most suitable one, please? Remember when purchasing air conditioning "to follow, new is not good, for your most important." Air conditioner to buy should be based on actual needs, from the brand, quality, specifications, services, prices and other areas considered,
air conditioning the purchase step one: according to the type and area of the room air conditioner model
air conditioner specifications not only matched with the room size, also under the influence of pattern of the room type.
air conditioning the purchase step two: select brand
brand is a business and technology, product quality and reputation of the company symbol, selected brand is actually a selected enterprise, quality, prestige selection. At present, the supply of air conditioning products on the market can be divided into three categories: domestic brands, brands and imported brands. Three different, based on personal preferences and economic capacity, consumers can easily make the final selection of the three.
air conditioning optional step: selected dealer
choose a good dealer Mall to buy air conditioners, consumer interests will be a double guarantee. Because most of the installation and maintenance of air conditioning is done dealers. Distributor installation and maintenance of technical level is very important. Because the company produces air conditioning only half, also require professional installation and commissioning, to use correctly, installation plays a very important role in ensuring product quality. Air conditioning optional fourth step
air conditioning in different products of the same brand of product technology, the technology also has some differences, general air conditioner brands there are three levels of air conditioning products: sophisticated technology products, imports of technology products, has a unique added-value products.
air conditioner to buy the fifth step:
by air conditioning performance indicators performance indicators generally advanced. Energy efficiency ratio, higher energy efficiency, technical performance, the better, with more power.
air conditioner to buy the sixth step: compare prices
consumers only compare the brand to several factors beyond air conditioning pricing makes sense, to make price comparisons to go a lot of places in the past, and now have a "Mall chajia check price", the price is no longer difficult.
air conditioning price depends primarily on the air conditioner itself, followed by Assembly materials, assembly level as well as high and low profits fluctuate. Dealers the long-term management and short-term investment costs on the consumer greatly, so consumers are buying air conditioners, high and low price are uneconomical. Typically, the franchised stores to buy air conditioning air conditioning, 10%-20% cheaper than to the big stores, but mixed qualified in stores, consumers in General is difficult to ascertain the actual situation. So, if you fancy store prices, must also pay attention to whether it is a factory authorized, whether there is a long history of operating air conditioning and strength as well as operational norms. In General, air conditioning chains are more management strength, more trustworthy.

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