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Air conditioning fluoridation methods

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fluoridation methods in general we give air conditioning methods of fluoridation are mining low voltage fluoridation and static methods of fluoridation.
1, air conditioning open refrigeration channel, then from low voltage side added fluoride, dang added to 0.4MP~0.6MP Shi will can has, again watch check air conditioning of refrigeration effect. If can words, measuring high pressure cannot over 2.2MP.
2, in air conditioning running stopped available, from added fluoride at added fluoride. Dang system pressure reached 0.8MP~0.9MP Shi for right.
3, let air conditioning run refrigeration 30 minutes, do carefully of check.
(1) measuring pressure: Measuring low voltage for 0.4-0.6MP. If partial high, is added more has fluoride; if partial low, is added less has fluoride. high pressure also cannot over 2.2MP.
(2) listening to voice: if voice had big, dull, also may is added more has fluoride, if voice had small, description fluoride enough.
(3) measuring temperature: sucking tracheal more cool, has knot dew; row tracheal temperature in 80 degrees around; condensation device temperature in 55 degrees around; compressor of sucking tracheal cool, has dew, exhaust tube is hot; Evaporator of temperature than environment temperature low 15 degrees around.
(4) measuring work current: total current close rated current, if current had big, is fluoride added more has, if current too little, is fluoride added of too little. This requirements system and circuit are normal of situation Xia test, because compressor of work current with compressor of inhale pressure has is big relationship, inhale pressure high, current on big, inhale pressure high, electric Li to on big, inhale pressure low, current on small, if system blocking has, that subsection compressor of current also will is low, And compressor of voice not normal.
4, added fluoride of right method: added fluoride Shi must to slowly to, added is Hou let air conditioning run 10 minutes around, again measuring pressure and current, enough Shi again points times added, cannot to at of pressure and current as standard. or, may added more has fluoride. winter added fluoride Shi, can disconnect four pass valve coil, also can human of makes indoor sense temperature head reached can refrigeration of temperature to open refrigeration. sometimes also can let air conditioning in dehumidification of mode Xia run, it on temperature of requirements not is high.

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