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The advantages of variable-frequency air conditioning, what is the frequency conversion air conditioner

Variable-frequency air conditioning refers to the principle of variable frequency, use the second counter is to change AC power to control the speed of the compressor, which can control the output capacity of the air conditioner air conditioning as needed.
frequency conversion air conditioner with ordinary constant speed compared to air conditioners, constant-speed air-conditioning motor fixing cars, no fixed speed control and frequency conversion air-conditioner equivalent of CVT cars, according to the actual situation, through the throttle, to control the speed of the vehicle. Advanced frequency conversion air conditioner air conditioning more than constant speed and sound, it can control the room temperature and the set temperature, environmental conditions, through MCU microcomputer digital control, changing the speed of the compressor, which regulate air output capacity, comfort and energy saving.
frequency and set speed air conditioning power compared
set speed air conditioning energy:
started energy: set speed air conditioning started Shi, set speed compressor of instantaneous started current for normal running of 5-7 times more, to a horse machine for cases, that for 900 ÷ 5x60 (minutes) x1=75W, set speed air conditioning one hours at least started three times, 75x3=225W/hours, that started power consumption 0.225 degrees
run energy: set speed air conditioning using one hours in the, 20 minutes in a State of down insulation, 40 minutes running an hour or running power conditioners for 900 ÷ 60x40=600W/, runs an hour power consumption of 0.6 degrees.
frequency conversion air conditioner energy consumption:
Start energy: inverter air conditioner just started, current is 1/2 in normal operation, in one machine, for example, is 900x1/2 divided by 60 (minutes) x1=7.5W, inverter air conditioner reaches the set temperature does not shut down, just start again. Starts consumption 0.0075. Run
energy consumption: in high frequency inverter air conditioner runs 10 minutes after entering the low frequency operation, such as KFR-26GW/27BP input power for 980 (400-1300) w power consumption 1300 ÷ 10 minutes before 60 (minutes) X10 (minutes) =216W, 0.216; when 50 minutes of low speed constant power consumption of 400 ÷ 60 (minutes) x50 (minutes) =334W, 0.334, that first hour of power 0.216+0.334=0.55. From the beginning of the second hour into thermostat, power consumption of 0.4 degrees per hour.
use of variable frequency air conditioning can save much electricity?
frequency conversion air-conditioner used 1 day at constant speed air conditioning power 3.24 degrees (use 8 hours a day, (0.225+0.6) x8-(0.0075+0.55) X1-0.4x7=3.24), 1 year (150 days) =486 power 3.24x150 days, saving money 0.61x486=296.5 Yuan (Guangzhou residential electricity 0.61 Yuan/degree).
q: frequency conversion air conditioner with ordinary air conditioner where is the big difference?
a: frequency conversion air conditioner has several key features: first, the special inverter device, which is what we usually call the inverter, which includes rectifier, filter, power output, such as EMC control unit. Second, the compressor, its Motors different
with ordinary constant speed compressor motor, used mainly for three-phase induction motors or permanent magnet motor, which is what we usually say AC DC inverter compressor and compressor. Third, designed specifically for inverter air conditioner change capacity of refrigeration and heating systems.
four, advanced CPU performance, ensure the inverter air conditioner according to users ' needs, environmental conditions, the air conditioner automatically adjust its output capacity and ensure the comfort of frequency conversion air conditioner, energy saving, reliable operation.

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