Air conditioning knowledge

What is air conditioning

1, the air conditioner: universal air conditioner, is a room or other enclosed area directly with the treated air equipment. Mainly used for cooling and dehumidification, refrigeration systems, air circulation and purification devices, heating and ventilation devices. The main function is to filter the air conditioner cleaning, cooling and dehumidification. (Some also have the function of heating and replace the air) for automatic adjustment of room temperature. Air conditioning in accordance with different functions, can be divided into single cooling, heat pump and electric auxiliary heating type.
2, frequency conversion air-conditioner: capable of continuously adjustable within a certain range of the frequency or speed of the compressor, you can change the flow of refrigerant, and played the most matches the State of the environment and the ability to automatically adjust the output of the new air conditioners. Inverter air conditioners to digital signal processing and analog control combined with artificial intelligence control. Compared with conventional air conditioning, inverter air conditioner cooling system, heat quickly strong, energy efficient, comfortable, reliable, intelligent defrosting and dehumidifying capacity, ultra quiet, wide voltage operation and so on.
the difference between fixed frequency inverter air conditioner and air conditioning:
1) high power inverter air conditioner starts running, quickly reached the set temperature, low power to maintain temperature balance, cooling system, heat quickly, thus saving electricity, less volatile at room temperature.
2) fixed-frequency air conditioning fixed power operation, with frequent switching machine to maintain indoor temperature and slow rate of cooling and heating, impact on family network, volatile at room temperature. Difference between
DC air conditioners and AC air conditioning: AC air conditioning changed the compressor power supply frequency, so as to change the compressor working speed and power frequency 10HZ-150HZ; DC air conditioning changed the compressor supply voltage, thus changing the compressor speed power supply voltage 150V-260V.
3, and air conditioning model of said: domestic air conditioner named method following: KFR (d) 50LW/T (d BP j x f) K-air conditioning F-points poses R-hot pump business hot type D-auxiliary electric heating 50-refrigeration/business heat L-structure type W-outdoor machine T-development model D-DC BP-frequency J-ion dust X-two-way for wind f anion (L-structure type code in the: "l"-Cabinet type, Floorstanding; "g"-wall type; "c"-window; "n"-within hid type; "F"-the wind pipe; "Q"-embedded; "d"-ceiling type)
4, air conditioner cooling capacity/heating capacity:
1) air conditioner for cooling operation, in the unit of time from the heat discharged in a closed room called the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.
2) when the air conditioner in the heating operation, in the unit of time from the release of heat in a closed room air conditioner heating capacity.
3) cooling capacity of air conditioning requires 150W per square meter: to launch room size air conditioning formula: refrigerating capacity/150W= +2=- -2=0 "" to adapt to the measurements of the room "-" in order to meet the maximum area of "0" in order to meet the minimum area for example: KFR-2601GW/BP capacity: 2600W 2600/150=17 17+2=19 17-2-15    &Nbsp;       that the air conditioning application area: 15-19 square meters, air conditioning resulting number of horses. According to the classification of refrigeration and air conditioning:1P:2300W-2500W1.5P:3000W-3600W1.25P:2600W-2800W2P:4000W-5200W3P:6500W-7200W2.5P:5800W-6200W5P:1200W10P:2400W power consumption: about 1P:900W about 1.5P:1300W about 2P:1800W about 3P:2800W 5P : 5000W 10P:10000W about air conditioning voltage is 220V 3P 220V 280V;220V also apply to household 380V power supply for commercial 5P, 10P were commercial machines, 380V electrical code is: "3", "s" air conditioning application area: 1P:11-17 square 1.5P:18-25 square 2P:30-33 square 1.25P:18-23 3P:40-45 square 5P : 60 sqm about 10P:50 square meters and
Second, the certification mark on the air conditioner
sales of air conditioners on the market, most of them bear the certification mark, due to the different certification bodies, these signs vary vary, the following are common air quality certification marks:
1.CCIB flag: China import and export commodities inspection signs illustrating the product is normal commercial quality safe and secure. Importing appliances must have this flag can be sold on the Chinese market.
2." Great Wall "mark: China electrical product certification (CCEE) quality certification mark. Have compulsory certification of products: televisions, tape recorders, air conditioners, refrigerators, electric fans, electric tools, low-voltage electrical appliances.
3.AS flags: Australia standard Association (SAA) used in electrical and non-electrical products, signs, business regulations on the protection of the Commonwealth and internationally.
4.BEB flags: United Kingdom conformity inspection mark of Underwriters Laboratories. The logo in many countries of the world, authoritative.
5.UL flags: United States Underwriters Laboratories certification mark.
6.JIB flag: Japan standards organization (JIB) issued its inspection of electrical products, textile symbols.
7.CECC flags: European Electrotechnical certification mark.

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