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Service commitment
Service commitment
appliance repair center service commitment:
(1) strictly in accordance with the maintenance procedures and the operation and maintenance, to ensure quality.
(2), strict quality control, put an end to the use of counterfeit parts.
(3) 24 hours a day and within 24 hours to respond. Workshops and holidays at the front desk and the 6th week without rest, 24 hours service hotline: 025-8260508 to ensure that users with established home repair system time set up a repair group may at any time, arrive at the scene to repair.
(4) charges strictly municipal price Bureau and I-net of the maintenance fees, the replacement of old parts back to the customer, do not exaggerate the failure to eliminate fees.
(5) customers in the field remote fault diagnosis, technical solutions, need to post parts quickly. Overseas customers will rush to your repaired machine troubleshooting, urgent repair on the day.
(6) maintenance of household electrical appliances will be implementation of the warranty, the warranty period is three months, during the warranty period as a result of problems with maintenance or replacement parts, our Center is responsible for the repair.
(7) the customer at our Center to repair the appliance, charging documents and warranty maintenance this appliance is again in the Center and enjoy the benefits of maintenance costs half-price.
(8) return system: Center maintenance of appliances on a regular basis (including on-site services) usage, as well as to track service quality but I understand that investigation to the user satisfaction rates, build customer satisfaction survey form. To announce our telephone, welcome customers and relevant departments to monitor the services.

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