Identification of liquid crystal panel a few "cheats"

Is the LCD screen the LCD Panel, its yield, quality and market conditions and other factors related to the LCD monitor their own quality, price, and market trends, because the cost of an LCD monitor its about 80% are concentrated in the Panel. Liquid crystal Panel quality, technical quality of the relationship with LCD monitors the overall performance level. Now available on the LCD screen is divided into three files:, of course, is of the best quality sharp screen LCD screens, followed by Japanese and Korean manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sony LCD (S-LCD Panel) and LG.Philips LCD (LPL Panel) and finally the Taiwan manufacturers of screens, such as AUO and Chi Mei. They each have their own structure of the liquid crystal materials and panels, have different advantages and disadvantages! below describes several common characteristic and identification method of LCD Panel.
sharp screen, top LCD Panel, sharp screen ASV technologies and NEC launched the ExtraView LCD Panel, it features true color, viewing angle good, is a flat market in the name of the King.
real sharp screen pixel is honeycomb or hexagonal, great features, carefully identify very easy to see.

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