LCD screen not to soft and hard on the pros and cons of soft or hard screen have their advantages and disadvantages

Over the years, LCD screen television market has a soft, hard screen battle, consumers are often confused by manufacturers and sales propaganda. Soft screen manufacturers sales soft screen better than the hard screen, because the soft screen light effects, and high image quality, and good heat dissipation performance, more energy efficient. The hard screen manufacturers promotional staff said the hard screen prevents screen scratches, longer service life and so on. Soft screen, hard screen who is better? Reporters exclusively interviewed the Deputy Secretary General Lu Renbo, China electronic Chamber of Commerce of industry and information technology Ministry three senior engineers An Yongcheng, China electronics Standardization Institute Dr Zhang Subing. The experts agreed that soft screen, hard on the screen only the production process is different, both in terms of performance and no clear good and bad points.
soft or hard screen is just different
at present, all brands of LCD TVs on the market, using nothing more than sharp screen, Taiwan, Samsung, screen, screen LG screen. These qualities can be divided into the soft screen on the screen (VA) and the hard screen (IPS), in which the soft screen to Taiwan represented screens, Samsung, sharp screen, hard screen by LG in a freestanding. In other words, the hard screen LCD TVs on the market today are basically uses LG Panel.
for manufacturers on the soft screen and a hard screen debate which is better or worse, continental edged believes that this is purely promotional hype of manufacturers ' results. He told reporter, LCD TV by using of soft screen, and hard screen this is panel industry has been on some two species making process, in LCD TV development early, and no who than who good of debate, just from 2007 second half of began, LG began to to upstream screen resources for Center of brand transition, then only obviously strengthening has on hard quality LCD screen of publicity efforts, so consumers heard has increasingly more on hard screen than soft screen good of publicity. Thanks to the LG to publicize the hard screen their production, and in the promotion of consciously or unconsciously to contrast with the soft screen, set off a so-called soft on the LCD TV screen, hard screen "spats". But this battle, but consumers in the purchase of more confusion. BACK

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