How bad will the LCD

A form
, LCD screen LCD screen no bigger than a screen, and in fact, it consists mainly of four blocks (filter, polarizer, glass, cold cathode fluorescent lamp) combination, and give you a simple to elaborate here.
filter: TFTLCD Panel was able to produce color changes, mainly from the color filter, LCD panels through the driver IC of the so-called voltage change, liquid crystal molecules are rows of stands to display pictures, the screen itself in black and white are the colors of the two through the filter could be color pattern.
Polaroid: Polaroid natural light can be converted to linear polarization components, which is linear on the incident to light polarizing elements are separated, in part through, the other part is the absorption, reflection, scattering its covert, reduce the production of light/bad points.
cold cathode fluorescent lamp: characterized by small size, high brightness, long life. Cold cathode fluorescent lamps by special design and processing of glass, can be used repeatedly after the fast light, able to withstand up to 30,000 times the switch operation. Due to the cold cathode fluorescent lamp using the Tri-phosphor fluorescent powder, so the luminous intensity, light attenuation the reduction, color temperature performance, resulting in very low heat, effectively protects the LCD screen of our life. BACK

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